Sunday, January 15, 2012

How is NationBuilder Different than Salsa and DemocracyInAction?

NationBuilder, the community organizing system (COS) for a new generation of leaders and creators, is a unique blend of CMS and social CRM that supports community building and calls to action integrated tightly with a customizable website and social media. It is a flexible and feature rich competitor to Salsa and its DemocracyInAction product for non-profits and campaigns that want to organizing without time-intensive integration products.

Here's what Liberal Art has to say about why NationBuilder is great for non-profits and campaigns.

How NationBuilder Compares to Blue State Digital

NationBuilder is  the community organizing system (COS) for a new generation of leaders and creators. It brings together email blasting, group texting, customizable websites and action and community pages with social media management. It is popular with campaigns and advocacy non-profits, including those working on environmental issues.

Liberal Art says NationBuilder brings national-level campaign tools into the reach of more campaigns.

Blue State Digital, famous for helping Barack Obama in 2008, is now part of WPP, a global advertising and marketing conglomerate.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best technology platform for environmental nonprofits?

NationBuilder takes the kind of software technology used by NGP VAN to a totally different level, with deeply integrated social media functionality.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Democrat Chris Daly is a Fighter for the Environment

Adriel Hampton, D-Dublin, has endorsed San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly for the powerful volunteer post of California Democratic Party Region 4 Director.
"I've known Chris for a long time," said Hampton. "I remember when he went behind Mayor Willie Brown's back to appoint environmentalist Adam Werbach to the San Francisco PUC. He's a controversial guy, but he gets the job done."